Ngu Thuyen

Indulge in a multi-sensory
cuisine experience.

Hueritage offers unique experiences that cater to all senses. Not just taste, but the other senses are also indulged through the scenery, flavors, and precious cultural features of the ancient capital Hue, and Vietnam in general.

Hueritage's story
Indulge your eyes

Thanks to its unique location, guests can admire the scenic beauty of Hue as Hueritage sails along the Perfume River. The unique interior and exterior architecture featuring various types of typical ancient capital art forms, such as Truc Chi, Phap Lam, and Son Mai Carving, offer a visual feast for tourists.

Indulge your ears

In addition to taste and vision, Hueritage offers auditory experiences with the soothing sounds of waves lapping against the boat's side. Guests can also enjoy the Intangible Cultural Heritage - Hue Singing, alongside unique stories about the Thua Thien Land narrated by professional guides.

Indulge your touch

From the furniture to the carefully selected sets of dishes and plates, visitors will feel as though they're in contact with the subtle and profound beauty of Vietnamese culture. With a spacious space designed for only 60 people, visitors will have the most comfortable and wonderful experiences at Hueritage.

Indulge your spirit

Guests at Hueritage Cruise will fully experience the deep cultural essence of the ancient capital. They can enjoy various forms of ancient capital art, ancient costume performances, mini-shows by contemporary folk artists, or participate in talk shows, workshops related to culture and art, and cooking classes from Hue culinary artisans.

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