22 May, 2024

Enjoy the Peak: Journey on the Royal Boat by Hueritage



Hue, the ancient capital city of Vietnam, is famous for its ancient beauty and rich culture. Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage offers a unique and classy approach to exploring this land: experiencing culture and cuisine on splendid dragon boats on the romantic Perfume River. This journey not only takes visitors back to ancient history, but also creates a multi-sensory journey, where everything from sounds, flavors to images are delicately blended.

1. History and Culture on the Boat

History of Boating

Ngu Thuyen, also known as dragon boat, was once the means of transportation of the Nguyen Dynasty kings. These boats are not only for transportation but also a symbol of power and majesty. Today, Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage has recreated the image of ancient dragon boats, combined with modern amenities, giving visitors a truly royal experience.

Hue Culture

Hue, with a history of more than 700 years, is the cradle of many unique cultural values. From the world cultural heritage – Hue Monuments Complex, to Hue royal court music, all are preserved and promoted at Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage. Each trip on Ngu Thuyen is a time when visitors can relive the golden moments of the Nguyen Dynasty, immersing themselves in a cultural space rich in identity.

2. Enjoy Top-notch Cuisine

Royal Cuisine

Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage not only recreates the royal space but also brings rich culinary parties. Guests will enjoy typical Hue dishes, prepared in royal style with the freshest ingredients. These dishes are not only delicious but also presented delicately and artistically, creating a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes.

Unique Culinary Experience

Not only royal cuisine, Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage also offers other unique culinary experiences such as tea parties and creatively recreated traditional dishes. In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes, learn and prepare Hue’s specialty dishes under the guidance of talented chefs.

3. Arts and Entertainment

Hue Royal Court Music

Hue royal court music is an indispensable part of every trip with Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage. The elegant, melodious melodies will bring visitors back to the atmosphere of ancient royal banquets. This type of art has been recognized by UNESCO as a representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity, and Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage has preserved and promoted this art form in a delicate and respectful way.

Traditional Performing Arts

In addition to royal court music, visitors can also enjoy other traditional art performances such as water puppetry, ca tru, and royal dances. These performances are not only entertaining but also historical and cultural stories told through each movement and each melody.

4. Landscape and Relaxation Space

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Perfume River

Perfume River, with its dreamy and romantic beauty, is an endless source of inspiration for many poets and musicians. On the journey with Ngu Thuyen, visitors will admire the beauty of this river from a completely new perspective. Beautiful scenes such as Trang Tien Bridge, Vong Canh Hill, and Thien Mu Pagoda will appear before visitors’ eyes, creating a vivid and poetic ink painting.

Relaxing Space

Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage is designed with open, airy space, bringing a feeling of relaxation and peace to visitors. On the boat, there are relaxation areas such as a tea room, reading room, and massage area, helping visitors have moments of absolute relaxation after their journeys of discovery.

5. Exploration and Experience Activities

Visit Historical Sites

Not only enjoying on the river, Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage also organizes tours to visit famous historical sites of Hue such as the Citadel, Tu Duc mausoleum, and Minh Mang mausoleum. This is an opportunity for visitors to understand more about the history and culture of the ancient capital, while admiring unique and beautiful architectural works.

Unique Cultural Experience

Visitors can also participate in cultural experience activities such as learning to make conical hats, learning embroidery, and learning lacquer painting. These are activities that help visitors better understand the traditional crafts of Hue people, while also bringing interesting and useful experiences.

6. Premium Services and Modern Amenities

Professional Services

Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage is proud of its professional, enthusiastic and dedicated staff. Each member of the team is well-trained, always ready to serve and meet all guests’ needs. From reservations, tour guides, to customer care, everything is done thoughtfully and conscientiously.

Modern Amenities

On Ngu Boat by Hueritage, travel quiteYou will experience modern amenities such as advanced sound and lighting systems, free wifi, air conditioning systems, and marine safety equipment. All are equipped to ensure visitors the most comfortable and safe experience.

7. Booking and Contact

How to Book

To book a trip with Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage, visitors can visit Hueritage’s official website, or contact the hotline. The online booking system is designed to be simple and easy to use, making it easy for tourists to choose and book seats for their trips.

Contact and Support

Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage is always ready to listen and answer all visitors’ questions. Visitors can contact via email, phone, or Hueritage’s social media channels. The customer care team is always ready to support and provide detailed information, helping visitors have the best experience.

8. Things to Keep in Mind When Joining the Journey

Time and Schedule

Visitors should check the specific time and schedule of the trip to have the best preparation. Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage has many different time frames during the day, from early morning to watch the sunrise on the Perfume River, to romantic evenings with sparkling lights.

Clothes and Necessary Equipment

You should choose comfortable clothes suitable for the weather and you can bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect your skin. Visitors should also bring a camera or phone to record memorable moments.

Safety and Health

Always follow the safety instructions of the boat’s staff. If you have any health problems, you should notify the staff in advance for timely support.


Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage not only offers a cruise on the Perfume River but also a journey to discover the culture, history and cuisine of Hue. This is where every moment on the boat becomes a memorable memory, every experience is a treat for all the senses. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful experience in the ancient capital of Hue, come to Ngu Thuyen by Hueritage and discover the exquisite, unique beauty of this land.